ETT1 – Tournament Ended

ETT 1 – Tournament Ended All the rounds and games of the first tournament have been played and we have a winner: ¡ Congratulations to «Team Belgium» ! Initially it was going to be a tournament of 5 rounds of one week each, but due to the dates, it was decided by vote that round […]

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ETT 1 – Rosters

Nephilim ETT 1 – Army Rosters Army rosters of all teams and players. This symbol * after a player’s name indicates that he is the team captain. [CZ] Czechoslovakia strikes again Player Discord Roster Snoopy * Snoopy8613#0700 Rextex Rektex#9778 Kostěj Kostěj#6270 Antonín «atlant» Man Atlant#8222 Aurixos Aurixos#2041 Vlnka Zarachiell#6090 Taky Matej Tkac (Taky)#6653 Václav Baron baronwenca#5607

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ETT 1 – Registration Open

ETT 1 – Registration phase is open The registration period for the tournament will be open from today until Saturday 03/12/2022 at 23:30 (CET). For the tournament to take place, at least 8 teams must be registered. After this number, teams will be accepted in pairs so that no team will be left without an

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European Team Tournament

European Team Tournament Welcome to the first edition of this competition. A Warhammer 40.000 team competition played in TTS. You have all the information in the rulespack. The registration will be available from 28/11/2022 – 09:00 (CET) until 03/12/2022 – 23:30 (CET). The tournament will be played if a minimum of 8 teams are registered. And

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