European Team Tournament

What is European Team Tournament?

This is a Warhammer 40.000 team competition played on TTS (TableTop Simulator) for any english speaking players who can play in timezone CET/CEST (Europe). This competition will be organized by part of the Spanish Warhammer community. The details of this tournaments will be:

  • Five rounds of one week each will be played.
  • The teams consisted of eight players.
  • The latest WTC terrain layout, rules package and scoring system will be used for each game. 

Resources to play

We use the e-sport toornament portal to organize the Tournament. It will be necessary for each user to have a toornament account. To coordinate the events, news and games we will use the Discord server of the community where we have enabled a special role for ETT tournaments. (#roles channel).

To play the games we will use the following resources:

  • Base board: Here you have the version to use. It has a scoreboard that contains all the secondary missions of each faction.
  • Pairing Table: Here you can find a table to make the individual pairings of each round
  • Mission maps: New WTC maps! here you can find the collection of maps with WTC layaout that will be used for the games.
  • TTS Armies: Here you can find a collection of miniatures of most armies. You can also find more among the SteamWorkshop mods.

Rounds and Timings

Team pairings will be determined on Sunday evenings using the Swiss system. The first round will be random pairings.

The captains of the teams will have from monday to wednesday to set the pairings of their eight players using the «swords and shields» system. In this section we explain how to do it. Any pairings that are not communicate to the Tournament Organizer before wednesday night, will be randomly assigned to give continuity to the round.

From thursday (or from the time that captains communicate to the Tournament Organizer his players pairings) to sunday, players will be able to play their games until the round is completed.

The missions to be played in each tournament will be specified when the tournament is announced.

Factions Allowed

Within each team of eight players, no faction may be repeated.

The chapters Black Templars, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Deathwatch, Imperial Fists, Iron Hands, Raven Guard, Salamanders, Spaces Wolves, Ultramarines and White Scars are considered to be of the same faction.

Alpha Legion, Black Legion, Creations of Bile, Emperor’s Children, Iron Warriors, Night Lords, Red Corsairs and Word Bearers are considered to be of the same faction.

The keys Asuryani, Craftworlds, Harlequins and Ynnari are also considered to be of the same faction.


In case a game cannot be played, the score to be assigned will depend on several assumptions:

  1. If one of the players voluntarily notifies his opponent indicating that he cannot play the game. A score of 20 – 0 will be determined in favor of the player who could play the game.
  2. If a player does not respond to messages to arrange a time to play the game. A score of 20 – 0 will be determined in favor of the player who could play the game.
  3. In case both players can play the game, but they are not able to agree on a common timetable and in the end the game is not played, a score of 10 – 10 will be determined.

In all these cases or any other that is not covered here, the organizer will make the decision it deems most appropriate.

Code of Conduct

Maximum sportsmanship is expected between players, you must play by intention, talking at all times with your opponent so that there are no problems, if there are incidents with any player, the organization reserves the right to take the measures it deems appropriate.

How do I register for the tournament?

It will be managed through the Toornament web portal. The team captain should be the one to do the registration through this website and will be asked to fill in several fields:

  • Team name.
  • Team country.
  • Name and e-mail of the captain.
  • Name and e-mail of each player.
  • Discord ID of each player.
  • Faction of each player.
  • Roster of each player. (List submission how-to)

What if I have questions?

I encourage you to join the Discord community server where the dates of the different events will be announced. You can also send an email to the organizer with your question or suggestion.